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Our Short Films

Based on a Play by César Rengifo and a Short Story by Mario Benedetti.

/ 10m • Drama

Lo que dejó la tempestad

A dramatic epilogue of the Venezuelan Federal War (1859-1863).
/ 4m • Drama


A tragical existential conflict.

Our Film Teasers

Based on Plays by César Rengifo.

/ 2m • Drama

Scrap Metal

A political illiterate goes unsheltered to face the reality of his social class.
/ 3m • Comedy


A retiree gone bankrupt becomes more evil than the devil himself.

The Latent Opportunity

Lies in the 57 million hispanics/latinos living in the U.S., specially within the 8.3 million hispanics frequent moviegoers (go to the movies once a month or more) who yearn to see good stories they can relate to and familiar faces playing roles they can identify with.

#TheFaustFlick Teaser

A 2m film teaser produced with a stringent budget but with sufficient quality to prove we can indeed produce films in english in Latin America.

#TheFaustFlick White Paper

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The FBB Smart Contract™

The FBB Smart Contract™ grants TFF Token holders: a) access to #TheFaustFlick critical documents; b) voting rights on five filmmaking process and film business cycle gates; and c) net profits from its multiple revenue sources.

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sometimes we just don't want to see it.”

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