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To tell universal, engaging and lucrative stories to targeted audiences


Transparency • Harmony • Punctuality • Consistency


Integrity beyond our work

Respect for others and the planet


First seek to understand, then to be understood

Be impeccable with your words

Make no assumptions

Take nothing personal

Always do your best

Short Films

Based on a Play by César Rengifo and a Short Story by Mario Benedetti.

/ 10m • Drama

Lo que dejó la tempestad

A dramatic epilogue of the Venezuelan Federal War (1859-1863).
/ 4m • Drama


A tragical existential conflict.

Film Teasers

Based on Plays by César Rengifo.

/ 2m • Drama

Scrap Metal

A elderman becomes unemployed and finally faces up the reality of his social class.
/ 3m • Comedy


A retiree gone bankrupt becomes more evil than the devil himself.

High Performance Organization

tiby esteves

executive producer

ed mercado

production manager

dann sánchez

sound director

ana siciova

project ambassador

g.a. mercado

writer producer director


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