caressing hearts through magical storytelling

TheFaustFlick Teaser

A 2-minute film teaser produced with a stringent budget as a sneak preview of a magical story to the LatinX Moviegoer.

Teaser Making Of

A crew of 30 was involved in producing a 2-m film teaser. A 90-m feature film will require at least 300 professionals.

The Latent Opportunity

The LatinX Market

10.4 million LatinX, out of 60 million, go to the cinemas at least once a month (moviegoer), yearning to see good stories they can relate to.

The LatinX Moviegoer

Spends up to $2.3B at the U.S. box office, year after year. This amount does not account revenues from Netflix, Pantaya or Amazon Prime.

It is always right there in front of us, sometimes we just don't want to see it."

g.a. mercado
writer • producer • director

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Executive Team

g.a. mercado

writer • producer • director

tiby esteves

executive producer • finance manager

edward mercado

production manager • logistic manager

dann sánchez

sound director • music producer