caressing hearts through magical storytelling

TheFaustFlick Teaser

A 2-minute film teaser produced with a stringent budget as a sneak preview of a magical story to the LatinX Moviegoer.

Teaser Making Of

A crew of 30 was involved in producing a 2-m film teaser. A 90-m feature film will require at least 300 professionals.

A Latent Opportunity

LatinX Film Market

Spent $9.2B in Movies during 2019.

LatinX Demographic

16% share of U.S. Total Population.

LatinX Streaming

25% share of Home/Mobile Digital.

LatinX Theatrical

25% share of Box Office.

LatinX DVD & BluRay

27% share of Home/Mobile Physical

It is always right there in front of us, sometimes we just don't want to see it."

g.a. mercado
writer • producer • director

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Executive Team

g.a. mercado

writer • producer • director

tiby esteves

executive producer • finance manager